Friday, February 25, 2011

First Report from Lima!


Greetings from Lima!

My flight to Lima was without incident, and I was met at the airport by our spiritual son, Jose Vicente, our daughters, Debora Meca and Maria Momojara, and our friend Pastor Julio Romero. Because our regular hotel had no vacancy on my arrival, I was taken to a different hotel, then transferred to our “Lima home”, Suites Antique, where I will be for the remainder of the trip. I had lunch yesterday with Pastor Julio and his wife, Soledad, and our translator, Emma, as we discussed my itinerary for the trip. Then, last night I preached at Emmanuel Bible Church in San Isidro district of Lima. Emmanuel is one of the larger evangelical churches in Lima, and is the mother church to Jose and Raquel Vicente’s church in Zarate. The Sr. Pastor is on vacation, so the Sr. Associate, Pastor Norberto, served as our host. He and I connected like old friends. It is incredible how the Holy Spirit can, in an instant, bring people together as family.

My message, from 1 Sam 30:1-6, highlighted the challenges David faced and how he strengthened himself in the Lord. In the midst of horrible circumstances, God gave David a Purpose—to rescue and recover all that had been taken, a Promise—that he would succeed, and a Pursuit—he had to do his part to bring success. I concluded with four steps to David’s victory: 1)Brokenness—he had nothing left and nowhere to turn but God; 2)Asking God for help; 3) Listening for God to speak; and 4) Taking action on God’s instructions. Focusing on Brokenness, I invited people to give their broken lives to God in total surrender and receive Christ as their Lord. About twenty new names were added to the Lamb’s Book of Life last night. That’s what it’s all about!

This afternoon Pastor Ronnie Swadley and I will speak at the Victory Fellowship of Ministries Conference. Tonight I’ll be ministering at the new Evangelical Church of Christ president’s church. This is an important time for Pastor Eli and me to meet together and discuss the denomination and my future involvement in it. Please pray for clear guidance by the Holy Spirit for us.

Tomorrow afternoon Pastor Ronnie and I will be back at the VFM Conference, then I’ll minister to the leadership of Emmanuel Bible Church in Zarate in the evening.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Your partnership with us means you share with us in the success of the trip, and together we can give Jesus Christ all the glory. I’ll update again later in the trip. God bless.


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