Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Churches Water Down the Gospel? Don't Judge so Quicly!

I just finished reading a reply to an article at on why big churches get bigger. The reply criticized big churches as not being Bible-believing congregations, naming several leaders by name including Rick Warren. Before people are so quick to criticize, I have a couple of questions for them: Have you ever been to their church? Have you ever heard them preach? Many times they come under criticism out of envy or the inability to explain their growth. "They must be watering down the gospel. Look at their numbers!" I've visited Saddleback, and I've heard Rick Warren preach. Saddleback was the warmest, friendliest church I've ever attended, large or small. That, alone, will bring people back more quickly than anything else a church can do on its own. Second, Warren preaches HARD for 45 minutes +/-, but he includes clips, skits, music and testimonies to both emphasize his points and help hold the congregation's attention. And PEOPLE ARE GETTING SAVED, AND DISCIPLED, particularly through their Small Group Ministry, with close to 5000 groups.

I can't speak of the other churches the replier mentioned because I haven't attended them. But to all who are so quick to criticize churches, I ask you: Are you drawing your conclusions based on your own experience, or on what others have said or written? Don't be so quick to judge; Matt 7:1 says you'll be judged accordingly.